LIVE COMMENTARY – FC Barcelona vs Juventus FC – Champions League Final 2015

After a whole long action between various teams in Europe, Berlin is set to witness the finalists battle for the European Championship. It’s a battle for the treble win between FC Barcelona and Juventus FC.

Barcelona starting XI – Ter Stegen, Alves, Pique, Mascherano, Jordi Alba, Rakitic, Sergio, Iniesta, Messi, Suarez, Neymar Jr.

Juventus starting XI – Buffon, Lichtsteiner, Barzagli, Bonucci, Evra, Marchisio, Pirlo, Pogba, Tevez, Vidal, Morata.

And the match begins!

1′ – Good beginning by Juventus. Well attacking. Mascherano gives a corner under pressure.

3′ – GOAL! A wonderful team goal. Brilliant and clever work by Neymar and Rakitic finished it well. Iniesta gets the assist.

7′ – Barcelona appeal loosely for a handball in the Juventus penalty area. Referee signalling for the continuation. Juventus goal for counter attack. Vidal’s strike goes over the bar.

8′ – Messi’s mesmerising footwork and Neymar’s strike goes over the bar.

10′ – Vidal yellow carded for a foul on Sergio.

12′ – Juventus losing the ball in the penalty area. Suarez goes for it but good defending by Juventus there. Messi gives another ball to Neymar which he fails to get his feet to.

13′ – Alves’ wonderful strike and a superb save by Buffon as he blocked the ball and good cover by the defence.

15′ – Wonderful pass play going on between the Barcelona players.

17′ – Important interception by Mascherano as Morata looks to pass to Tevez who was right in front of the goal post.

19′ – Excellent run by Pogba and excellent piece of defending by Mascherano as Tevez was perfectly placed to make the best of the Pogba pass.

21′ – Vidal involved with Alves. He has to be careful with the yellow card already against his name.

23′ – Tevez looking to chip past Stegen but the ball goes wide.

23′ – CHANCE! Morata luckily finds the ball and looks to strike but it goes wide.

24′ – Good play by Evra. Well defended by Barcelona. Marchisio gets the ball and goes for a strike that goes way over the bar.

26′ – Loose defending by Juventus as Neymar gets two chances to score but Buffon catches the ball on time.

28′ – Juventus 0-1 Barcelona

30′ – Bonucci fouls on Suarez from behind. A light touch but Suarez made the best of it.

31′ – Good shielding by Iniesta from Pogba and earns a free kick.

32′ – Barcelona looking more comfortable on the ball as Juventus start to look slightly clumsy and shaken.

34′ – Vidal does well with the ball as he earns a corner from Pique’s touch.

34′ – Short corner taken by Pirlo as Marchisio strikes but is safely collected by Stegen.

36′ – Good ball by Pirlo to Morata who falls just short to reach it as Barcelona covers him well.

37′ – Juventus defence looks loose and nervous as Barcelona does some excellent pressing.

39′ – Suarez with a good good strike and it goes just just wide.

39′ – Bonucci looks weak as Barcelona get clinical. Excellent strike by Suarez out of the ball lost by Neymar but Buffon denies him.

40′ – Pogba gets a yellow card for his foul on Messi.

42′ – Barcelona playing at an easy rhythm as Juventus aren’t pressing much on them.

43′ – Buffon with that risky pass as Neymar found the ball but failed to find Suarez at the right place.

44′ – Marchisio shoots straight into Stegen who collects the ball easily.

44′ – That amazing run and footwork by Messi as the Juventus defenders looked troubled but Juventus managed to save themselves at the end.

Half time: An exciting and absorbing first half as Juventus looked sort of hurried and nervous while Barcelona looked completely in control dominating the ball. Juventus needs to press and show some strong attacking instinct to come back in the game.

  • Juventus 0-1 Barcelona

And now begins the second half of the game.

46′ – Tevez winning a free kick towards the right of the goal post outside the box off a Pique foul.

48′ – That excellent run by Rakitic who passed it to Suarez who shot it from the near post and superb save by Buffon.

49′ – Suarez goes for a strike again that goes over the bar.

50′ – A quick and clever passing of the ball between Neymar and Messi as Messi strikes that goes wide.

52′ – Neymar slips as Juventus get the ball but excellent pressing by Alba but Vidal recovers well.

53′ – Good strong pressing by Juventus and this is what they need to do to build some pressure on Barcelona.

54′ – GOAL! Excellent ball through by Lichtsteiner to Tevez who strikes but excellently saved by Stegen but Morata puts it in by the rebound. Superb alertness shown by him. And the game is level.

  • Juventus 1-1 Barcelona

58′ – Sudden eruption of energy in Juventus as Vidal excellently presses Rakitic to get the ball.

59′ – Great energy in the game as Juventus look to strongly attack and Barcelona as usual deadly on the counter attack.

61′ – Good work by Evra to stop Messi from pacing forward.

62′ – Good passing by Morata and Marchisio as Tevez finally shoots which goes over the bar.

63′ – Beautiful play by Iniesta. All those turns and footwork giving a superb ball through to Suarez but smart goalkeeping by Buffon as he paces forward and collects the ball.

64′ – A decent effort by Pogba but goes straight to Stegen who comfortably collects it.

65′ – Messi playing more in the centre in the second half and looking more in his absolute element.

66′ – Juventus showing excellent intent now as the stadium has erupted with energy. Cherished atmosphere!

67′ – GOAL! Messi’s brilliance though saved miraculously by Buffon but Suarez nets it out of rebound.

  • Juventus 1-2 Barcelona

69′ – Suarez yellow carded for a foul on Bonucci.

71′ – GOAL RULED OUT! Neymar headed the ball in from the Alves’ pass but the ball touched his hand right after he headed it. No intent but the referees decided to rule out the goal.

73′ – What a great tackle by Evra on Messi to hold his pace or it could have been another goal.

74′ – Stegen decided to punch the ball from the Juventus corner that took a deflection of the post and when over the net. Just Saved!

76′ – Messi takes the free kick that goes over the bar.

77′ – Substitution(BAR): Xavi comes on for Iniesta. His farewell appearance for Barcelona.

78′ – Pirlo takes a beautiful corner towards the back post and Pogba jumps superbly to head it but it goes just over the bar.

79′ – Substitution(JUV) : Pereyra comes on for Vidal.

81′ – Excellent pass by Busquets on the back post but Pique’s strike was way over.

85′ – Substitution(JUV): Llorente on for Morata.

87′ – CHANCE! Excellent chance for Pereyra but he falls and Stegen holds on.

88′ – Marchisio strikes well from far but a good save by Stegen.

90′ – Super run by Messi but a solid Juventus defence.

90+2′ – Tevez with a strike but an easy save by Stegen.

90+3′ – A close close chance for Juventus and a breather for Barcelona.

90+4′ – Substitution(BAR): Pedro in. Suarez out.

90+6′ – GOAL! Neymar with that beautiful finish to an intricate work by himself. A super reward.

Full time: Barcelona win the Champions League and Juventus lose it despite their zealous effort. A wholesome achievement for Juventus to reach a Champions League Final after 12 years but it’s Barcelona’s sweet victory at the end.

  • Juventus 1-3 Barcelona

A great, cracking and energetic game. A worthy Champions League Final that finds it worthy winner and Barcelona is the new European Champion.

Well done Juventus! It was a fiercely fought game.

Great victory Barcelona! Another colourful page in the club’s colourful history over the last decade.

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