A New Kind of Ad

A new ad for HeDeodorant, featuring Bollywood actor Vir Das, takes a new spin on ads targeted towards men. Whereas most ads that are meant for men’s products objectify and sexualize women, this ad draws attentions towards the morality of these kinds of tactics. The one minute ad portrays the actor advertising products the way women are often forced to in ads. By portraying a man doing what women are often made to do in commercials the ad not only promotes its product, but also promotes the viewer to look at media closely. The ad ends with the tag line, “#HERespect, for real men who respect women”. The full ad can be watched here: Every Sexist Commercial You’ve Ever Seen Ft. Vir Das with #HERespect


(source: baawri.tumblr.com)

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  1. Great ad. Thanks for spotlighting it. It’s a message that needs to be repeated, often and loudly.

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