Quentin Tarantino & Uma Thurman ‘Talking About’ Kill Bill 3!

We have unfinished business, fans. We want more Kill Bill – and it looks like Quentin Tarantino and Uma Thurman want the same as they are discussing a third instalment to the franchise. Even though it appeared to come to an end in Kill Bill Volume 2 with not much further for the plot to develop, Tarantino implied that he wasn’t quite done with his Bride. 

Where once that was just a rumour, now Tarantino has confirmed that he has been talking with lead actress Uma Thurman about the possibility of a third film. In the Happy Sad Confused podcast, he said, Me and Uma have talked about it recently, frankly, to tell you the truth. I have thought about it a little further. We were talking about it literally last week. If any of my movies were going to spring from my other movies, it would be a third ‘Kill Bill.’” This came as a surprise to many, however, as only earlier this year, Tarantino and Thurman were in a row regarding her safety during filming in Kill Bill Volume 2. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean that we are going to get what we want, however. There have been times throughout his career when Tarantino has promised that he will unveil something new from his inherently creative mind and they have never come to pass. In this list of abandoned projects are horror films, a western TV series, a gangster movie set in the 1930s and a Vega brothers movie – and those are just the ones that he’s told us about. 

All we can do is wait and see. However, for the Tarantino fans who are begging for more, Once Upon A Time in Hollywood is due for release on the 15th of August in the UK. 


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