Aladdin Remake Hits $1 Billion!

The live action remake of Aladdin has now official made $1 billion at the box office. This is the third film from Disney this year that has made it to the billion dollar club. 

Even though it isn’t much of a surprise that Disney made a lot of money, it is a surprise that it was made from Guy Richie’s Aladdin as it was originally intended to make approximately $235 million. It doesn’t seem to match the mixed reception it received, however. Even though it has made a substantial amount of money in the box office, the reviews have been leaning more towards the negative. 

Many of the reviews that were released about the film stated that even though it was very bright and colourful, fast and vibrant, it was lacking the original magic that the animation had. 

It hasn’t stopped people from flooding in to see the remake and it has landed itself the third Disney remake to make $1 billion alongside Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and Bill Condon’s Beauty and the Beast. 

It is looking like Jon Favreau’s The Lion King could also make the same amount of money with the intake that it is showing so far. On its opneing weekend, it made over twice the amount that Aladdin did on its own. Already, at the point of this article, The Lion King has made $700 million. Toy Story 4 is also nearing the billion dollar mark as it is currently standing at $868 million globally. 


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