Chris Sarandon Would Be All For A The Nightmare Before Christmas Sequel!

The Halloween/Christmas movie The Nightmare Before Christmas which was released in 1993 was the next on the list for a sequel or even a live-action reboot of the classic by Tim Burton. However, fans didn’t take well to this rumour and said that they wouldn’t support the sequel.

But Chris Sarandon who was the voice of Jack Skellington has said that he would love to see a sequel. He said, “I’d crawl on my hands and knees, from the East Coast to the West Coast, in the spring or the fall, to do it again. Of course I would. I love that character and I love that I’m part of a legacy of that character as well. ”

However, Tim Burton didn’t share the same sentiment back in 2006 in an interview with MTV News when he said, “I was always very protective of [Nightmare], not to do sequels or things of that kind. You know, ‘Jack visits Thanksgiving world’ or other kinds of things, just because I felt the movie had a purity to it and the people that like it. Because it’s not a mass-market kind of thing, it was important to kind of keep that purity of it. I try to respect people and keep the purity of the project as much as possible.” The comments were sparked from Burton when asked if he would do a release of the film in 3D.

A remake isn’t something that Sarandon would like to see, however, just another branch from the same Nightmare universe.


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