Shruti Haasan attends Breaking Through The Lens “Activating Change” As Guest of Honour at Campari Lounge, Cannes

Pan-Indian actress and star of Telugu, Tamil and Hindi cinema, Shruti Haasan, attended an event at Campari’s iconic lounge overlooking the Cannes red carpet. Hosted by film initiative, Breaking Through The Lens and entitled “Activating Change”, the event was led by acclaimed moderator  Wendy Mitchell of Screen International and welcomed Shruti – a Breaking Through The Lens Ambassador – as Guest of Honour.

The evening featured a round table discussion with the multi award-winning actress and activist alongside other industry trailblazers, each sharing their unique experience on the challenges and opportunities facing underrepresented genders in the film industry. 

Shruti has just wrapped filming her first international production, The Eye, a female-helmed production with Fingerprint Content, and was in Cannes with the director, Daphne Schmon, for her other work on gender parity. The actress and musician is known for her multifaceted acting skills and powerful performances. She has used her social platforms to speak out about the issues faced by women in the entertainment industry and has been a strong supporter of initiatives aimed at promoting gender parity. 

Courtesy of Breaking Through The Lens Facebook

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