Six new edition to San Sebastian competition lineup include Kitty Green’s ‘The Royal Hotel’ and Christos Nikou’s ‘Fingernails’

The San Sebastian Film Festival has announced six new films to join the competition lineup, which include Kitty Green’s much-awaited creation, ‘The Royal Hotel’ and Christos Nikou’s latest work, ‘Fingernails’.

Kitty Green returns with her second feature ‘The Royal Hotel’ after her successful breakout piece ‘The Assistant’ in 2019. Starring the talented Julia Garner and Jessica Henwick, the film unveils the journey of two adventurous backpackers who find themselves employed at a remote Australian Outback pub. Distributor Neon has secured the North American rights for this enticing piece.

Meanwhile, Christos Nikou who is renowned for his debut ‘Apples’, brings together a A-list cast featuring Riz Ahmed, Jessie Buckley, Jeremy Allen White, Luke Wilson, and Annie Murphy for his second endeavor and first English-language film ‘Fingernails’. Nikou through his film attempts to explore the complex realm of romantic love, exploring its essence within the context of an institution that scrutinizes couples’ affection.

Adding an extra layer of excitement, Taiwanese filmmakers Tzu-Hui Peng and Ping-Wen Wang touches hearts with their debut work ‘A Journey in Spring’ , which follows a man’s poignant journey of grieving and remorse after the loss of his beloved wife.

The further addition to the festival are Xavier Legrand’s ‘The Successor’, unveiling a tale of dark family secrets; Kei Chika-Ura’s ‘Great Absence’ that delves into the reconnection between a young actor and his estranged father; Isabella Eklöf’s ‘Kalak’ which takes viewers to Greenland as a Danish nurse begins life anew.

These fresh entries seamlessly blend with the initial eleven films revealed in the San Sebastian Official Selection. Notable personalities from the art industry are expected to grace the festival includes María Alché and Benjamín Naishtat, Jaione Camborda, Robin Campillo, Isabel Coixet, Isabel Herguera, Raven Jackson, Joachim Lafosse, Noah Pritzker, Cristi Puiu and Martín Rejtman.

As the 71st Sen Seb edition draws closer, cinematic enthusiasts are in for an exhilarating experience. From the enchanting opening by Hayao Miyazaki’s ‘The Boy and The Heron’ to the closing finale brought by James Marsh’s ‘Dance First’, the festival promises a captivating cinematic journey.

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