Cancel culture: have you been cancelled or does no one really care what you think?

After the Pope decries “cancel culture” as “ideological colonisation”, LBC ditch Maajid Nawaz from the airwaves and Maureen Lipman calls out Helen Mirren, being cancelled is once again back in the news. But what does it mean, how does it differ from being ignored and what can it mean for a person’s career?

Sherlock Holmes statue in London

Ghoulish online True Crime communities, online sleuthing & the case of Gabby Petito

There’s nothing new about human interest in crime but as we watched the revelations around the murder of Gabby Petito play out on social media, a ghoulish and repugnant entertainment factor crept in. 

Baked in oppression: how the racism of ‘things’ perpetuates injustice

Recent discussions on racism have moved us away from ideas around tolerance and being “not racist” and towards an aim of being “anti-racist”. That’s why it’s absolutely crucial we now tackle the more insidious – and dangerous – racism inherent in the products and technology we use every day.

The great NHS Digital Data Grab

Changes are coming with how GPs handle your sensitive information but privacy campaigners are uncomfortable with the plans. What’s happening and what do you need to do if you’re unhappy with the idea? You can opt out – should you, and how?

Fighting the Covid-deniers, one fact at a time

A new website vows to tackle what it calls Covid scepticism in whatever form it takes. Run by a team including a psychologist, a Conservative MP and a Superforecaster, … Continue reading Fighting the Covid-deniers, one fact at a time

House of commons overplayed with two coronavirus spores and the words 'gaslit by your own government?'

Are you being gaslit by your own government? A million ways to tell

The British public are being held in contempt by those who deign to rule us. Dominic Cummings and his employee, Boris Johnson, have already been held in contempt once by … Continue reading Are you being gaslit by your own government? A million ways to tell

Public Health messaging: how not to communicate with a population

Donald Trump wants packed churches by Easter. Boris Johnson wants us to stay at home except for when we go out for our one mandated walk or travel via packed tube train to the workplace that our employer insists can’t be done at home. The pubs are now forcibly closed, yet off-licenses are reclassified as allowed to open – does running out of beer mean an ‘essential shopping trip’? If it’s essential. Only if it’s all essential. 

What’s the harm in… social media?

From unfounded fears about Coronavirus to ill-educated advice from our peers, what’s the risk of getting health advice online? Tannice Hemming investigates. As a mum to two children under 5, … Continue reading What’s the harm in… social media?

What’s the harm in trigger warnings?

Some social media groups now won’t allow you to post anything without clearly labelling all the topics you’ll cover. The rise of trigger warnings seems a kind way of letting … Continue reading What’s the harm in trigger warnings?