Short is sweet in Jessy Langlois’s film “Love is Everywhere”

As the camera pans from Paris to Rio, New York to Mumbai, French Director Jessy Langlois shows how love is a universal language that knows no boundaries and needs no words.

When it comes to matters of the heart, silence often speaks louder than words.

Jessy Langlois is based in Paris but takes his camera all over the world in his short film “Love is Everywhere”, that echoes a story as old as time: the story of love.

In today’s turbulent world, the short film on the subject comes as a breath of fresh air. You pause, rewind and take back moments from your own life experiences, when you view the series of relationships across several countries.

One story dissolves into another, taking the audience on a roller coaster ride of conflicting emotions. From Paris to Rio de Janeiro, New York to Hong Kong, Mumbai to to Dubai and Tel Aviv, cupid strikes his arrow raking up a stir.

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Ingrid Conte & Josias Duarte from Love Is Everywhere, ©Jessy Langlois

There are smiles and tears, passion and fears, break-ups and make-ups, jealousy and possessiveness, silent exchanges and soundless rage. Love is everywhere across borders, time zones, cultures, genders and cross-cultural romances.

Love is life; life is love; stringing people together and pulling them apart.

Jessy Langlois’s technical expertise is evident in every frame. So is his keen visual eye. The noisy conflict of the heart and mind is deftly narrated in silence. Seasoned actors play their part with skillful conviction.

The fragmented stories dissolving into one another in limited time do come with their share of hiccups. Some characters appear more defined than others. Some stories could have been developed better. The film opens leisurely in picturesque Paris and Rio but rushes through Dubai and Mumbai, leaving you questioning key moments.

Mariette Valsan & Kushal Punjabi from Love Is Everywhere, ©Jessy Langlois

Will an Indian woman in Mumbai lounge nearly naked in her balcony to seduce her lover?  Why does a man’s interest in porn videos disturb his French girlfriend in a liberal city like Paris? The scenes seem culturally unaligned.

A few relationships appear fragile. Is a hasty break-up better than resolving differences? Is love really so unstable, so unreliable? Why is the longest and oldest story of humankind wrapped up in a short 30-minute film?

Wouldn’t it have worked better as a full length film or a web series where each story and character was given equal weight?

Langlois explains himself.

It is short because I didn’t have the budget to make it long. It is hard to find a producer or distributor. I made it single-handedly (writing, directing, producing, film editing and managing special effects) hoping to have it out in film festivals before it is out on the web” he says.

Producers here thought I was a fool when I said I needed 16,000 Euros to shoot the film. One of them was incredulous “What? For Paris?” I answered, no, for the world. He thought I was crazy”!

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Jennifer Gabou Bokobza & David Smadja from Love Is Everywhere, ©Jessy Langlois

Where did he ultimately get the funds from?

This is a community film.  132 generous contributors from all around the world came forward to help me through crowdfunding! Crowdfunding is a way to get money for a project. If people believe in your project they give what they can – 5, 10, 50 or 1000 Euros – in exchange for something from us in return – say a DVD of the movie, autograph of the actors, a day on the set and so on. I have 80 autographs signed by our 15 lead actors to distribute soon. All I need now is an opportunity for those incredible actors to show their talent to the world through this film”.

So why yet another film on love?

“What is better than the feeling of love? I love this subject and its cause and effect. All characters have a link between them. No matter what your religion, skin colour, age, sexual preferences…we all love the same way and it helps us move forward. Even if love leaves us, it will be back for sure, perhaps sooner than we think.”

“I also wanted to tell that when things turn sour, please take a stand and don’t ever give up. It’s always for something better. For the premiere in Paris, someone came to me and said “your movie makes me believe (in love) and I couldn’t hold back a tear.”

How did he go about casting so many characters from all over the world?

“When I decided to do the movie, I asked my contacts in the cinema industry here in France for help. I used social media networks, demos and YouTube videos to meet all the actors. They all agreed.” (He smiles)

Maybe it’s his charm. Maybe it’s his passion. Maybe it’s his desire to do something different. But once you talk to Jessy Langlois we have to agree too.

In a world torn by war and violence, a film on love is always like a rainbow in the clouds.

Jessy Langlois

Love is Everywhere” is currently looking for distributors. Please contact Jessy Langlois on Twitter @Jessy_Langlois for further information.



Interview was conducted by Joyeeta Dutta Ray for SSZee Media

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