Jab Harry Met Sejal is Not Your Average Imitaz Ali Film – Trailer Review

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Let’s get the facts straight – Imitaz Ali has a reputation of letting his audience explore the characters, as we delve into the stories. Jab Harry Met Sejal, like Imitaz Ali’s previous works, carries an unique take on love, multi-dimensional complexities of life and most importantly, human relationships.

As of lately, Shah Rukh Khan seems to be stepping out of his comfort zone with experimenting with films like Fan and Dear Zindagi. However, this time Shah Rukh Khan, who is known as the “King of Romance”, has finally made his way back to his familiar territory without taking risks.

On the official trailer, it appears that Harry’s (played by Shah Rukh Khan) cheery personality was suddenly tainted with darker tones. We no longer see a happy-go-lucky tour guide, who is also a womanizer. Instead, we see Harry facing his own dark battles which leads him to his very own emotional breakdown. Even in Harry’s humor carries a dark undertone that makes us curious and want to discover the story as we explore the characters.

On the other hand, the trailer no longer depicts Sejal (played by Anushka Sharma) as the bubbly character who happens to lose her engagement ring, and bumps into the tour guide (Harry), for assistance in searching for her missing ring. We see glimpses and moments of how Sejal is becoming Harry’s beacon of hope shining like a flashlight in the dark path that Harry has created for himself.

No matter how much they try to push their emotions and relationships out off their lives, love will always find its way back. It’s also apparent that Sejal’s eagerness to find the missing ring with Harry’s assistance may have landed them into some trouble.  Something tells us this film is going to take us on an epic adventure that is more than just finding a lost engagement ring.

The film releases in theaters on August 4th, 2017.

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