Katrina Kaif named as Ambassador of Educate Girls


Katrina Kaif has joined the international acclaimed non-profit organization, Educate Girls, as their ambassador.

Among her contemporaries, the Bollywood actress has been very vocal about women’s rights. Following her mother’s footsteps, she is deeply inspired to lend her voice to one of the most pressing issues in India – educating girls. Reports stated that through her association, she attempts to bring focus to girl education and gender equality.

Ms. Kaif said,

“Forover a decade now, Educate Girls has been partnering with the government in bringing out-of-school girls back to school. I am committed to support Educate Girls in the endeavour to build an India where girls have equal opportunities to access quality education,”

The “Tiger Zinda Hai” actor says she tries to do whatever she can within her capacity.

“Am I lifting up the women around me, am I doing what I can to support, encourage or to help them grow? Rather than just see what they can do for me, I do whatever I can to encourage them to better in their profession.”

Katrina was speaking at an event of Educate Girls, of which she is the brand ambassador.

When asked about the perception that actors, especially female stars, don’t have an opinion on important things, Katrina said people have an opinion but there is no compulsion that one has to always make a comment.

“I have seen it myself that when you talk about politics, matters regarding government, a lot of actors, because they are not in politics, don’t feel the need to comment.

“There’s a big difference between having an opinion at your home, and speaking about it on a public platform, or having an opinion about a social cause like this.”

Katrina also said if one does not want to talk about a certain topic, it does not mean that they are not aware of it.

“I can’t speak about everyone because there are different situations and everyone is different. But many times, I don’t feel like taking about a topic. It doesn’t mean I don’t have an opinion on it but maybe it is not the right time and place to talk about it.”

{Text is taken from PTI feed and Hindustan Times.)

Check out the photos from the event:

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