Cherie Blair Producing Middle Eastern Film – The Rock Pile!

Cherie Blair, campaigner and barrister has now turned producer. She has signed on as the executive producer of Middle Eastern film, The Rock Pile. The story’s themes are friendship found within the cut-throat world of journalism. Blair hopes that it will ‘trigger action for change’ in the Middle East.

She’s not the only politician to try her hand at film production; Hilary and Chelsea Clinton and the Obamas have also produced their own productions. The Obamas have partnered with Netflix to create projects that are spectacular and insightful. Barack said, “One of the simple joys of our time in public service was getting to meet so many fascinating people from all walks of life, and to help them share their experiences with a wider audience.”

The plot follows a Jerusalem spokesperson employed by Times magazine who stumbles upon three boys who, despite having religious differences, bond over their mutual passion for football. Blair says of the new project, “Given my own Foundation’s work in Israel and Palestine, and Tony’s work on the Middle East Peace Process, we are deeply aware of the human cost of the conflict and the benefit of bringing stories about the reality on the ground to a global audience.”

Working with Cherie will be director John Deery (Conspiracy of Silence) and David Yelland who will be acting alongside her as executive producer while the star of the film is Hugh Bonneville. No doubt with the intention for the film and the array of talent involved, this film will be one with a warm fuzzy centre. It could be the turning point in Cherie’s career to allow her to broaden her horizons from something other than politics. But of course, the film will be a political statement in itself so perhaps she won’t feel quite so alien to the field.


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