Shohreh Aghdashloo Cast in ‘Arezou’!

Shohreh Aghdashlook (The Expanse) has landed a role in Persian film, Arezou. We do not yet know which role she will be taking on. However, with her current role in Amazon’s The Expanse, we can’t wait to see her show us what she’s going to do next.

The Iranian underground ballet film will be the debut for director Sophia Kiapos; working alongside her will be producer Chelsea Winstanley (Jojo Rabbit). Kiapos was the founder of the ‘Female Filmmakers’ which has over 6000 women working in every area of the film industry across 40 countries. She was the very first female who was taken on by Elizabeth Banks’ WhoHaHa digital media company mentorship alongside Universal Pictures.

Winstanley said of the project, “The authenticity of the project and commitment to depicting Iranian culture, history and language in such a truthful way is what attracted me to this film. I found a great partner in Liz to bring Sophia’s beautiful and poetic vision to life on screen.”

Arezou is set in post-revolution Tehran and explores the story of a young girl who finds herself in an illegal underground ballet troupe – this discovery changes her life forever. The girl will only be 12 years old and will find herself in a web of illegal activity. The film will be spoken in Farsi and will be filmed in Toronto at the beginning of 2020 on Super 16mm Kodak film.

Other cast and crew include comedian Maz Jobrani (although we are uncertain which role as of yet) and Liz Cardenas who will be producing.

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