Kirsten Dunst Wants To Star In A Musical!

Kirsten Dunst has revealed that she would be interested in starring in a musical. During her career, the actress has starred in a variety of genres but musicals are the unexplored territory for her.
She had previously auditioned for a role in a musical but she was unsuccessful during the process. She continued, “I honestly fought so hard for this one role – some other actress got it. But I wanted it so badly. It was a musical. You’re so right. I love musicals, so I would do that in a heartbeat.”
The other genre that she hasn’t really explored is horror but she doesn’t have any intention of doing so. She said, “I don’t really wanna run around screaming either, you know?”
The actress has revealed that since she became a mother two years ago, she has been more open to taking more risks in acting. “There’s a sense of freedom post having a kid,” Dunst continued. “I don’t know if other actresses have said this to you, but for me, something inside just freed up, and you don’t care. I’ll do anything or go anywhere.”
She is currently promoting her latest project which is a TV comedy named On Becoming a God in Central Florida but is open to trying new things.


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