Jeremy Renner Accused Of Allegedly Threatening To Kill His Ex-Wife!

Jeremy Renner (Avengers) has been accused by his ex-wife, Sonni Pacheco, of threatening to kill her. While his career is sky-rocketing with the success of the MCU wherein he plays Clint Barton/Hawkeye/Ronin, it could all come crashing down for his personal life if the allegations are proven.

Renner married Pacheco back in 2014 in a secret ceremony but the pair split a year later because of  ‘irreconcilable differences’. They have a daughter named Ava who is six years old. However, there is now a custody battle for her and some of the details have been linked online.

According to the report, Renner has been accused by his ex-wife of threatening to kill her. Pacheco states that he stuck a gun in his mouth and then shot a round into the ceiling while Ava was in the same room. She then also revealed that Renner used cocaine and has left remnants on the bathroom counter in Ava’s reach. Because of this, Pacheco has filed a request for sole custody of Ava.

In response, Renner has said that the allegations were ‘on-sided’ but he didn’t deny that any of the events happened. His lawyer released a statement which reads as follows: “The well-being of his daughter Ava has always been and continues to be the primary focus for Jeremy. This is a matter for the court to decide. It’s important to note the dramatizations made in Sonni’s declaration are a one-sided account made with a specific goal in mind.”

Updates to follow as the custody battle continues.

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