Black Widow Head to Head With Taskmaster in Latest Trailer

2020 is the time when plenty of changes have come about already – environmentally, politically and on a personal level for many big celebrities. However, one constant that we can all rely upon is that Marvel will continue making films that will attract audiences like bees to honey. The difference being that we are in a new decade and a new era for Marvel – the MCU Phase 4. Fans have long awaited Black Widow to get her own solo movie as she has been often cast aside in others – but with director Cate Shortland at the helm, it promises to be an exciting start to the new phase.

Starting the new phase is Black Widow’s solo movie (finally!) which will tell the story of Scarlett Johansson’s beloved spy character Natasha Romanoff. Although there have been hints throughout the other Marvel films as to her past, we will finally get to see what it is that she was running away from in the Avengers films. This is an exciting time for Johansson as she also was nominated twice in yesterday’s Oscar nominations.

She will be starring alongside her ‘sister’ Yelena who will be played by Florence Pugh, another Oscar nominee. In yesterday’s trailer, the villain ‘Taskmaster’ was revealed to fans – he may not be as big in stature as Thanos but he has the ability to copy the fight moves of anyone he meets. We can’t help but think it would be interesting if he went up against Peter Quill in the Dance-Off To Save The Universe.

The film will be available for UK cinema-goers on the 1st of May, 2020.

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