Tom Junod ‘Re-Experienced’ Mr Rogers When Watching ‘A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood’

With biopics rapidly becoming a firm favourite within the film industry, it could be the norm for celebrities to see their own lives play out on the silver screen. Even though A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood has had details changed such as the name of the journalist – from Tom Junod to Lloyd Vogel – and other details of what happened, it still accurately portrays the tale of Mister Rogers and Junod.
He has admitted that not everything was right in terms of how it was presented but that he found that he related more to ‘the similarities’ rather than ‘the differences’.
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The differences melt away, the similarities to my own story [stay]. I mean, I’ve seen the movie a number of times now and every time it grabs me. Because, you know the mood is wonderful. It makes you not just see Mr. Rogers, not just learn about Mr. Rogers, but when you watch the movie you experience Mr. Rogers. His friendship is extended to you in the audience. So I feel like he’s reaching out to me when I watch the movie.
This has proven that it may be the case that films can take some artistic licence on real life stories while holding onto the focus of the film and how the subject of the biopic felt in that moment in time. This can also be said of the remaining members of Queen when watching Bohemian Rhapsody – they said that it was very different from what actually happened but that it felt as though it could be real through the emotion that was portrayed.
A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood will be available in UK cinemas from the 31st of January – we will be posting a review once we’ve had the chance to see it ourselves so make sure you are following!

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