Filmmaker Utpal Kalal’s feature documentary film, The 14th February & Beyond, to be premiered at Melbourne and European Film Festivals

Filmmaker Utpal Kalal’s documentary “The 14th February & Beyond” will have its Australia and Belgium premieres on October 23rd at the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne and Millenium International Documentary Film Festival, Belgium respectively. It was first premiered on Jan. 31, 2020. at the Mumbai International Film Festival by Govt. of India.

This is a documentary film that exposes the strange face of Feb. 14 or Valentine’s Day. It explores this global love-fest and its impact on the mental health of our society. The filmmaker explores the origins of this famous holiday on Feb. 14, and how the day has been twisted as a result of consumerism and commerciality into a competition and self-esteem checklist. The festival has its roots in Europe in the mid-19th century, picking up steam in America. But over almost 30 years now, in post-liberalization India, it is now a rage among the youth. While disguised as a celebration of love, spanning days of gifts and adoration in some cultures, Valentine’s Day can actually often lead to some very dark memories, humiliation and rejection, and also self-esteem crises for others.

“We reveal the shocking facts about the commercialization of Valentine’s Day – the spending and traditions that have been overlooked until now, as well as bringing forth a comprehensive view of the subject through experts from various fields into this eye-opening narrative. And we all have an opinion on it—whatever it may be!”

A doctor-turned-filmmaker, Utpal Kalal chose to tell stories on-screen because he found cinema to be the most visceral and powerful medium that allows expressing the stories he believes in and even at times, lead to social change. The 14th February & Beyond is his first documentary feature film and it has already won two best film awards and nine nominations at the prestigious film festivals, nationally and internationally so far. The distribution rights for our film have been acquired by U.K. based sales company Espresso Media International and soon the film will release on OTT and Broadcasting Platforms across the world.  

Check out the trailer below:

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