“Let’s hear it for the ladies! Mirzapur Women Rule,” Says SHEEBA CHADHA

The wait is over for fans of the much-loved Amazon Original Series Mirzapur, which returns with a 10-part action-packed new season on Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video has epically dropped Mirzapur Season 2 last week and many have already binged watched the new series. The show centres on crime and lawlessness in the North and it’s not the men, viewers should be focussing on – it’s the women. 

Sheeba Chaddha, who plays Guddu’s mother in the series said, 

“The women have completely stood out, and it’s for various reasons. Be it the internal violence, harshness or emotions, there’s not one factor that I can point out. But their presence has played a part in expanding the universe. It’s like a separate kingdom in a kingdom. Women are very powerful players in Mirzapur. They may not be overt but they stand in their own right and separate light.”

The actress, who has been a part of several well-known serials and films, never imagined that the show would be a huge success. She had fun working on the show and claims only a bad director could ruin it. 

The 10-part new season of the hinterland crime drama where power and revenge provide a way to keep order, will reveal what happened to the infamous residents of Mirzapur, following the aftermath of a shocking Season 1 finale. The series is produced by Excel Media and Entertainment, created by Puneet Krishna and directed by Gurmmeet Singh and Mihir Desai.

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