Sara Ali Khan & Varun Dhawan on COOLIE NO. 1

Coolie No.1 premieres on Amazon Prime Video tomorrow, 25th December 2020

With Amazon Prime Video keeping audiences eagerly waiting for the release of Coolie No.1, we have a Q&A from the leading pair of the film, Sara Ali Khan and Varun Dhawan speaking about their upcoming release.

Will audiences experience the 90s flavour in the new Coolie No.1?

Varun Dhawan: So many years have passed and there are new audiences who haven’t seen the original film. I understand that with a remake, there will be ‘why are you remaking?’, but with the original Coolie No.1, the performances are out of this world and the screenplay is very interesting. A comedy of errors that was there is still in this film, we tried keeping that timing and the screenplay is still there.

In the original, Karisma Kapoor’s character had a particular style from that time, so how did you incorporate your style into the character you are playing in the new Coolie No.1?

Sara Ali Khan: I tried my best, I don’t know how much, but just like Varun said, our director is the same, but what Govindaji and Karisma ma’am have done, we don’t want to make fun out of them. I don’t even think that can happen. We got as much advice from them as we could and whatever David sir wanted us to do, we did. So, I don’t think we took the pressure of making a ‘remake’, but we have presented our characters in a new and original way.

One of the highlights of the original Coolie No.1 is obviously the songs. How was it recreating the experience of chartbusters like Husn Hain Suhana and Mirchi Lagi?

Sara Ali Khan: I want to tell you that I had a lot of fun. This is my second film with Ganesh (Acharya, Choreographer) sir and I think that the way the 90s flavour, whether it’s getting a flashback from the trailer or from listening to the songs, I don’t think that David (Dhawan, Director) sir or Ganesh sir’s bond is better than anyone in the 90s. For me, the 90s is David Dhawan and Ganesh Acharya. 

Back in the 90s, there was a high of ‘escapist comedy’ among the common man – they enjoyed those films, but we’re seeing a decline in it, with increasing realism in webseries, OTT content, etc. Do you think David Dhawan’s type film should come back?

Varun Dhawan: There should also be an evolution in every industry and you have to adapt to that. What’s in the past, you shouldn’t repeat it. What we did in Coolie No., it’s not going to be the same as we have new elements, new emotions that we explored which hopefully people will still find funny in 2020.

Sara Ali Khan: I genuinely feel like this is a timeless genre. There’s nothing time specific about sitting with your family and laughing. So that’s why I think that especially with this year, Coolie No. 1 will and should be the start of funny films and shows.

Have you had any funny memories while shooting?

Sara Ali Khan: Varun is very naughty on set. He’s focused but he does funnier things. I can’t remember one memory. He has a constructive naughtiness. He always jokes with everyone and you never know if you’re shooting. He’s always positive to shoot with.

Varun Dhawan: Working with Sara, I realised that I tell her things that I used to do. But now, I feel as an actor, there is a rediscovery. I realise that in every shot, she wants to give 100%. Whenever I felt that I was out of sorts, Sara would bring me back.

Watch the official Coolie No.1 trailer here:

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