UK’s National Cinema Day breaks records with $34 Million in ticket sales, 8.5 million people attended celebrations

UK celebrated the National Cinema Day on 28Th August with a record-breaking $34 million in ticket sales, which was a significant rise from previous year’s inaugural cinema day celebration revenue of $24.3 million, according o reports.

Besides the revenue part, this year’s one-day event also saw a 5% increase in the attendance from previous year as estimated 8.5 million people went to movies this Sunday.

The return of National Cinema Day in UK was designed to motivate cinema lovers and operators—both small and big businesses—to participate in the event.

The Cinema Foundation hosted this year’s celebration in which all showtimes across UK in every format (including Imax and Dolby) were $4 at participating theaters.
Bryan Braunlich, executive director of the Cinema Foundation addressing the huge success of the day, said, “National Cinema Day was a significant success in bringing together millions of film fans of all ages to enjoy movies on the big screen”.

“Movie theaters and all our partners helped maximize the impact of the day with creative marketing and special promotions that added to the overall excitement, while a diverse slate of exciting films provided something for everyone to see. Thank you to all those hard-working individuals who make the theatrical experience magical,” he added.

Last year, when the National Cinema Day was first introduced received a good response from audience even though the economy was at recovering stage from COVID-19.

In comparison to that, the 2023 edition had cheaper rates of tickets in addition to better performing economy. This year, the cinema momentum already began with significant success of Barbie and Oppenheimer, creating a phenomenon “Barbenheimer”, which saw the highest level of weekly U.K. cinema admissions in over a decade.

Both the movies were released in July, has continued to occupy the theatres throughout August by securing top two box office spots for five consecutive weekends.
The summer box office, from May to mid-August, is running 12% higher than the same period in 2022.

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