LIVE COMMENTARY: Chile vs Mexico – Copa America 2015

  • CHI 3-3 MEX

Full time: The game of the tournament till now. This is the kind of football a fan lives to watch. What an electric game by both teams. Chile with some excellent one touch football and skilled set of players. Mexico with a huge heart and zeal, some strong and compact defence and pacy attack. A wrong decision against Chile as Valdivia’s goal was ruled out as offside but at the end, a deserving point for both teams and Mexico holds on to the tournament with their hearty display while Chile lose the chance to advance to the next stage and the group game goes on.

90+2′ – Brilliant run by Jimenez to get past two defenders but loses the ball at the end.

3 minutes of stoppage time added to the game play.

Sub(CHI): Beausejour in. Albornoz out.

The young Mexican defence is coming across as a strong and united unit. Some excellent display by them.

What an atmosphere in the stadium with the home crowd loudly backing their team.

82′ – Some beautiful passing between the Mexicans though some good defending by Chile to counter that.

80′ – Pin point passing by Chile again. Sanchez nets it but he’s offside. My Goodness! Chile is playing some beautiful football.

Sub(MEX): Osuna comes on for Jesus Corona.

74′ – That electric and astonishing run by Alexis Sanchez. What a player!

72′ – CLOSE! Chile play that excellent one touch game again and Valdivia gets a beautiful chance to net it but misses it and the ball goes just wide. Excellent defence by Mexico.

Sub(CHI) : Mena in. Diaz out.

Sub(MEX) : Salcedo comes in for Aldrete.

70′ – Strong and concentrated defending by the Mexicans as Chilians are playing some wonderful pass football.

69′ – Exquisite passing football by Chile but Sanchez’ strike at the end doesn’t curl in and goes just wide.

  • CHI 3-3 MEX

66′ – GOAL! A world class finish by Vuoso from over Bravo out of the beautiful ball from Aldrete. Brilliant work!

64′ – A beautiful ball to Valdivia that he nets it but it’s given offside. Controversial !

Sub(MEX) : Aquino comes on in place Medina.

63′ – Vidal charges from the left flank and passes the ball to Sanchez who shows some magic with the ball.

59′ – Mexico trying hard to hit back at Chile and get back in the game.

  • CHI 3-2 MEX

54′ – A slight touch on Vidal’s feet in the penalty area and it’s a penalty! Vidal takes it, sends Corona the wrong way and scores it smoothly.

54′ – A wonderful one touch game by Chile on the front but is collected safely by Corona.

53′ – A wonderful pass ahead of Vidal in front of the goal and Vidal falls just short ofreaching it. 

52′ – Diaz takes the free kick that hits the wall.

51′ – Ayala brings down Valdivia and it’s a free kick for Chile.

49′ – A foul on Diaz earns Chile a free kick a few metres away from the penalty area. Short free kick taken but is safely collected by Corona.

48′ – Good strong defending by Mexico against Sanchez’ skill.

46′ – CLOSE! Jimenez strikes hard and good that is saved by Bravo with soft hands.

The second half has begun.

  • CHI 2-2 MEX

Half time: A total action-packed first half of the game. Excellent energy and football display by both teams to outshine each other. Some beautiful skill from both sides and that shows on the scoreboard.

45′ – A beautiful one touch football by Chile though is collected easily by Corona at the end.

  • CHI 2-2 MEX

42′ – GOAL! An exquisite pass by Sanchez to Vidal who puts across a wonderful cross which is headed in brilliantly by Vargas. Brilliant stuff!

41′ – A beautiful ball by Sanchez in front of the goal but is handled strongly and precisely by the Mexican defence.

37′ – Vidal is booked for a reckless and nasty challenge on Jesus Corona.

36′ – Some good movement by Chile but an offside ends the attack.

35′ – This is coming out to be united performance from Mexico putting good pressure on Chile.

33′ – Alexis Sachez takes a free kick from a little outside the penalty area and goes for goal but it goes just wide.

  • CHI 1-2 MEX

29′ – GOAL! A powerful header by Jimenez from a beautiful ball by Aldrete and Bravo remained inches away from saving it. Magnificent!

An absolutely end to end game with both teams attacking intricately.

  • CHI 1-1 MEX 

23′ – GOAL! A brilliant corner by Aranguiz which is headed in superbly and powerfully by Vidal.

  • CHI 0-1 MEX

21′ – GOAL! A superb team goal. Started by Medina on the mid line passed to Jesus Corona who puts it back to Medina who passes it to Vuoso who nets it.

The South American street football is being strongly boasted by both Chile and Mexico as their ball play keeps showing glimpses of street football.

18′ – Good ball play among the Mexicans but good strong clearance by Jara.

15′ – Wonderfull long ball by Corona towards Sanchez which is well read and collected by Corona.

12′ – A beautiful through ball to Aranguiz who is called offside.

8′ – Good footwork shown by Jesus Corona(MEX) passing through two defenders but loses the ball at the end.

6′ – Mexico earns the first corner of the game but the corner kick goes out of the goal line and Chile gets the goal kick.

5′ – A beautiful pass reaches Sanchez but the call is an offside against him.

2′ – Strong tackle by Chile to lay the ball for Sanchez who passes the ball in front of the goal from the right but is unable to find anyone.

The match kicks off.

With Bolivia on top of the table for now with 4 points, this game is an absolute battle between the two strong South American teams to make a stable place for themselves in the tournament.

While Chile is riding high on their win against Ecuador in their previous game, Mexico is looking to win this game and come out of their surprising draw against Bolivia.

Chile Starting XI : Claudio Bravo, Miiko Albornoz, Gary Medel, Gonzalo Jara, Mauricio Isla, Arturo Vidal, Charles Aranguiz, Marcelo Diaz, Alexis Sanchez, Jorge Vadivia, Eduardo Vargas.

Mexico Starting XI: Jose de Jesus Corona, Julio Cesar Dominguez, Hugo Ayala, Juan Carlos Valenzuela, Gerardo Flores, Adrian Aldrete, Juan Carlos Medina, Javier Guemez, Jesus Manuel Corona, Raul Jimenez, Matias Vuoso.

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