London Korean Festival 2015

Londoners and visitors alike are invited to experience and celebrate the best of South Korean culture at the FREE one day ‘London Korean Festival 2015’ in Trafalgar Square on Sunday 9th August 2015.
The event brings together an exciting mix of modern and traditional Korean culture with a dynamic programme of K-Pop, dance from classic to break dance, delicious Korean food, plus E-Sports Games and live music.
  • K-Music – Leading K-Pop group f(x) & Rock band Guckkasten
  • K-Dance – Break Dancing Battles with World Champion B-boy crews
  • K-Tradition – Gilnori traditional, instrumental & contemporary dance performances
  • K-Cuisine – Live cooking demonstration by Chef Judy Joo and Chef Joo Won & Korean Street Foods
  • K-Contents – Animation screenings, gaming & technology demonstrations, fashion shows
For more information please check the website:…

Source / credit :  Korean Cultural Centre UK

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