Scholar Who Walks the Night premieres next week, July 8

Fans of Lee Jun-ki rejoice !!! Looks like he will be lethal for both your heart and his leading lady-love.

MBC’s fantasy vampire sageuk Scholar Who Walks the Night shows our leading man’s tortured dilemma when he is thirsting for both blood and love. Not a happy combo …


Some familiar tropes (it is a kdrama after all) : our leading lady, Lee Yubi, dressing like a man in order to be a book vendor, the usual villain, Lee Soo-Hyuk, responsible for the death of our hero’s first love, and of course some palace intrigues between royalty.  Now, we all know it is the execution that may make or brake an asian drama, especially a fusion sageuk.

Key East Productions was savvy enough to bring Lee Sung Joon as director (Empress KiThe Moon That Embraces the SunGye Baek and The Duo) and he is a force to be reckoned with in the genre. Not to mention Jang Hyun Joo (The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince) who might be screenwriting the epic sageuk of the year.

NightScholar51 NightScholar49

Posters’ taglines : “I live by drinking human blood… I am a vampire,” “Don’t come near me, ever…” and “Protect the world, and save your love.”

In this second teaser our brooding Lee Jun-ki says “I smell a fragrance I can’t withstand,” while crossing Lee Yubi. ”How gorgeously handsome this scholar is” she thinks, wanting to kiss him but it is his first love who he kisses instead.

“I crave the blood of the one I love… and end up sinking my teeth into her.” our tortured hero narrates while seeing our leading lady “That child is hiding something from me.”  Asking why he’s looking at her in this manner, he replies in the most seductive way, “Because you’re pretty.” Swoonnnnnnkingdom

Courtesy of Dramabeans for translating the taglines and captions. 


Set in a fictional imperial dynasty, the story centers around the young daughter of a nobleman who loses everything when her father is framed for a crime. She starts crossdressing in order to sell books to make ends meet, and ends up meeting a handsome and mysterious vampire scholar. The mystery also includes an evil vampire residing in the palace who is the master puppeteer in the political arena, and will stop at nothing to prevent the Crown Prince from ascending the throne.



  • Title: 밤을 걷는 선비 / Bameul Geotneun Sunbi
  • Also known as: Scholar of the Night
  • Genre: Historical, fantasy, romance
  • Episodes: 20
  • Broadcast network: MBC
  • Broadcast period: 2015-Jul-08 to 2015-Sep-10
  • Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:00
  • Original Soundtrack: Scholar Who Walks the Night OST


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Source / credit : TV Report KoreaDramawikiDramabeansiMBC


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