Look Who’s Talking Remake Is On The Way!

The romantic comedy Look Who’s Talking (1989) is getting a reboot by Screen Gems! The original starred John Travolta, Kirstie Alley and Bruce Willis (portraying a baby if you can believe that) and was directed by Am Heckerling (Clueless). It centered around Kirstie who played a career-focused accountant named Mollie who falls pregnant with one of her clients’ baby while having an affair with him. When he decides that he doesn’t want to be a father, she is left alone in her pregnancy until she meets Travolta – a happy go-lucky cab driver who knows all of the best ways to get free lunch in the city. He decides to stick around and help her raise her baby, Mikey, and they eventually fall in love. 

The comedy was inadvertantly successful – grossing at $300 million when its budget was only $7.2 million. It later went on to have two sequels in the 90’s with Kirstie and Travolta returning to their roles as they shared their parenting escapades. Neal H. Moritz (Fast & Furious) wanted to reboot the movies in 2010 but it never came to light. 

But now, it has. 

Screen Gems have officially confirmed that it is now in production. It will be written and directed by Jeremy Garelick (The Wedding Ringer) who will work alongside Adam Fields (Donnie Darko). Garelick will be taking from his own parental experience to mold the film into something that befits a more modern audience. 

He says, “What excited me about doing is, I have four kids, including twins, and this is something they can watch, and share some of the experience I had with my wife. Like, figuring out how to raise these kids, with all the mistakes that happen. Add in the voices that are keyed to facial expressions, it just really seems like a fun idea.Everyone can relate to babies. The challenge is, that was a really good movie, Travolta and Kirstie Alley had great chemistry and Amy Heckerling wrote a great script. We’re in the early stages of figuring out what the story is for the modern version of the movie.”


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