Kristen Bell Promises Frozen 2 Isn’t Just To Make Money!

Nobody could miss the storm that Frozen created back in 2012 when it landed upon our cinema screens. Children and adults alike were singing Let It Go on repeat and having platinum blonde hair came back into fashion quicker than Olaf could turn into a puddle. 

So, it wasn’t much of a surprise when Disney announced that they would be doing a sequel of the film – but fans were left to wonder what more there could be to explore within the universe as it has been brought to a succinct conclusion at the end. 

But Kristen Bell (Anna) has assured Disney fans that there is a reason behind this story and that it isn’t a money-grabbing venture. 

Bell says, “It’ll still be appropriate for kids and kids will still love it, but these girls have grown up as well a little bit. I think the original fans of Frozen, who were little girls and now might not think it’s for them, will be pleasantly surprised.” 

A lot of the plot has been kept under wraps but we do know that it will show a new stage in Elsa and Anna’s lives as they will have matured the six years that their fans have, too. She continues, “It is a story that we waited a long time so that it would reveal itself to the creators. What is the next progression in these characters’ lives that needs to be told? Not just like, ‘What’s another storyline we could do?’”

We can’t wait to see what Disney have in store for us and whether it will be as much of a success as the original. 


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