Danai Gurira Will Be In Black Panther 2!

MCU fans have been thriving from the information that has been released coming from San Diego Comic-Con. However, there has been one movie that they have been decidedly mum upon – Black Panther 2. There has been a mention of it to confirm that it is on its way but they are keeping their lips sealed about any of the big details. 

But we can tell you some things for certain. Ryan Coogler will be returning to the writer’s and the director’s seat to work on the film and we can guess with a 99.99% certainty that Chadwick Boseman will be returning as T’Challa. 

Interviewers have been actively trying to get a glimmer of information from the stars. Danai Gurira (Okoye) has also said that she is in the dark about the events of the film. But she has confirmed that she will be reprising her role. 

She said, “Listen, listen… literally, I have no information, that’s the beauty of our conversation right now. Mr. Coogler says, ‘Tell them we’re working hard, and you’re in it.’ That’s all I got for you.”

It’s not that Coogler is being purposefully unfair in keeping secrets from his lead stars regarding the film’s plot. While Tom Holland has been known for spilling spoilers and therefore has had information withheld from him, it’s simply that Coogler is only just beginning to outline the story. Therefore, there are plenty of processes that need to go ahead before we will get any teasers fed to us. 


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