Shonali Bose’s Very Personal Reason For Making ‘The Sky is Pink’!

Shonali Bose revealed that her inspiration for The Sky is Pink came when she crossed paths with the parents of Aisha Chaudhary, the late child activist. She then put all of the emotion into her craft to tell the incredible story of their family from Aisha’s point of view.

Priyanka Chopra is taking on the role of Aisha’s mother Aditi. She said of the role that it was a journey through all of the elements it takes to have a healthy relationship. She continued in the interview with Deadline, “I think it’s that relationship of what happens when you first fall in love to when you get married, and then when you have children, and then if you have a child who’s sick, you become caretakers, and what happens to a relationship, and how you have to nourish a relationship, take care of it when it’s broken, because it will be, what loss and grief does to you.”

Chopra then spoke about how it was important for the story to be told from Aisha’s point of view and that it brought something special to the film. “The moments of joy, moments of tragedy—all of that together, from the perspective of this teenager. I just think the juxtaposition of the movie—telling the story about a dying young girl, but showing the celebration of her life, instead of the mourning of her death—was so clever.”

Bose was inspired to create the film after having a personal interaction with the family but she also revealed that Aisha’s story touched something personal within her own life. She said, “Death is something universal. I lost my son, and was able to embrace that pain of that and accept it, and come to peace with it, and actually find almost a beauty and joy in it—I celebrate his death days as much as I celebrate his birthdays, or anybody’s birthdays—I felt that if I could somehow bring that through, that this is not so fearful and scary in some way.”

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