Toy Story 4 Had An Alternate Ending For Woody!

Josh Cooley, director for Toy Story 4 has revealed that the ending we saw wasn’t originally what he intended to happen for Woody and Bo. When the fourth instalment to the franchise was announced, there was a mixed reception as many believed that the story had been concluded in Toy Story 3 when Andy let his toys go into a new life with Bonnie.

It seems that even the production members couldn’t decide entirely what direction they wanted to take the film as most of the original script was scrapped. However, Pixar proved the sceptics wrong when it reached the billion dollar club globally. Many critics praised them for changing Woody’s character arc and letting him be his own ‘person’ instead of living for his kid.

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In an alternate ending which only ever made it to the storyboard, it showed Woody and Bo Peep going their separate ways when Bo decides that she wants to live with a kid again and decides to go with Harmony. Woody says goodbye and then returns to his old life with Bonnie. However, the ending that they decided to stick with much better fitted the theme of the films and nicely cleared up Woody’s arc.

If you didn’t get a chance to see Toy Story 4, it will be available on digital from the 1st of October and will be released on DVD a week later.

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