Harvey Weinstein Won’t Testify in Rape Trial

Harvey Weinstein’s defence have revealed that he will not be testifying in his rape trial in New York City. They have now rested their case after three weeks of testimony. If convicted, Weinstein will face life in prison on five criminal charges.

The charges against Weinstein are rooted in claims from Jessica Mann and Miriam Haley who both say that the movie mogul sexually assaulted them. Weinstein has ardently denied the claims and said that all sexual encounters he’s had have been consensual.

It has now been revealed that Weinstein told the judge that he is not willing to testify. Closing arguments will begin from both side on Thursday 13th of February. Douglas Wigdor is the attorney who will be pursuing the civil claims against Weinstein and has made a statement today regarding the case.

“Weinstein may be able to avoid testifying in the criminal trial, but he will not be afforded that right in his civil trials. I relish the day when I get to cross-examine him and ask him to answer for the wrongs he has committed against so many women.” – Douglas Wigdor

Image result for douglas wigdor

The case has had a significant effect on the #MeToo movement and has created discussion around consent and sexual assault within the media industry. We will provide updates as they arise.

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