Rising Star Uttkarsh Sharma on Gadar 2

You have such an innocent face, when you got angry, was that real or were you told to get angry?

When you’re in the presence of Sunny Deol or Amrish Puri, then as a 4-5 year old kid, you get inspired. They say all these big dialogues and fighting each other, so you get inspired and you try to imitate that. Back in those days, there were no green screens or CGI. So the feeling comes to you automatically.

What do you remember?

I have one memory which I remember because it’s like a trauma. I remember the first day where I worked with Ameesha ji and she’d come home to rehearse so we had a good bonding.

What reaction did you get after 20 years?

I didn’t tell anyone I was Jeete. There was a pagg, a little get up but there was a resemblance on the face, so people could tell. I even told my best friends who knew not to tell anyone else or I’ll break our friendship.

There’s so much struggle in the film industry, don’t you feel it should be a relaxed life?

No, not at all. The days I’m not on set, I don’t like it. I don’t have the same energy at home or the office.

What prep did you do for Gadar 2?

Not much, just listen to the director and do what he says. But speaking professionally, the character of Jeete, the people from that generation would relate to him because they recognise his quirks.

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