LIVE COMMENTARY: Quarterfinal 1 – CHILE vs URUGUAY – Copa America 2015

  • CHI 1-0 URU

Full time: Chile go through to the semis! The home team survives the competition. An intense and action-packed game but the Defending Champions are out and Chile came through as a better overall team. Uruguay faced one controversial red card as Cavani and one fair one as Fucile. A sad end to Uruguay’s campaign but they never looked very promising without their talisman, Luis Suarez.

90+7′ – Muslera with a poor clearance and Vidal strikes the ball that is brilliantly saved by Muslera.

90+7′ – Uruguay desperately trying to go for severe attack and Chile just holding on to the ball.

90+3′ – 4 minutes of added time as the game restarted in this minute.

Full marks to the referee for remaining calm and just in that kind of intense situation. The behaviour of the Uruguayan team was unnecessary and insane because that foul by Fucile was clearly worth a yellow.

88′ – RED CARD! A mad situation as Muslera talks right into the faces of the referees as the referee gives a second yellow to Fucile for his blatant foul on Alexis Sanchez. Uruguay down to 9 men. A fair decision this time. Easy and obvious!

86′ – Sub(URU): Jonathan Rodriguez comes on for Carlos Sanchez.

85′ – Sub(CHI): David Pizarro comes on for Valdivia who goes off receiving an ovation well deserved.

84′ – Pinilla booked as Gimenez went down. Wasn’t really a foul!

  • CHI 1-0 URU

82′ – GOAL! Isla nets it perfectly from that array of passes by the Chileans as Muslera punched the ball away that went straight to Valdivia who passed it to Isla. Huge for Chile at this moment!

77′ – Carlos Sanchez goes for a strike that goes just wide. A good effort!

75′ – Excellent work by Valdivia. Heavy first touch by Sanchez and loses the opportunity to score and such a calm defence by Godin.

74′ – Chile fouled at the edge of the box but no foul given. This is going more and more bizarre with each moment.

71′ – Double Sub(CHI): Mauricio Pinilla comes on for Vargas and Matias Fernandez for Diaz.

67′ – Maxi Pereira booked his reckless challenge on Alexis Sanchez.

63′ – RED CARD! Cavani gets a second yellow for his apparent brawl with Jara where his clipped Jara’s face slightly. Uruguay down to 10 men now. Bizarre decision though! Jara exaggerated by falling down! Didn’t really look that Cavani deserved a yellow for that.

60′ – A good ball to Sanchez who in turns gives a good cross on the far post to Vidal who rises high and heads it but straight into the hands of Muslera.

58′ – Sub(URU): Abel Hernandez comes on for Rolan.

56′ – Uruguayan defence is extremely compact and though Chile are doing good with the ball and penetrating their half well, they fail to get the final ball in.

53′ – Free kick by Uruguay to which Rolan struck his boot. Easily saved and collected by Bravo.

52′ – A beautiful pass by Sanchez to the far post but well defended by Uruguay.

51′ – Good flick by Cavani to set up Rolan who fouled Diaz and the whistle went off but a spectacular strike by Cavani that Bravo jumped and punched out but it didn’t count of course.

49′ – A decent effort by Vidal but an easy save for Muslera.

47′ – Sanchez fouled by Gonzalez and it’s a free kick for Chile on the left of the box.

The second half kicks off.

  • CHI 0-0 URU

Half time: Though goalless, but a scintillating first half full of activity and challenges. Chile ,as expected, were more attacking and Uruguay have defended well against them.

43′ – Isla booked for his foul on Carlos Sanchez. And it’s a free kick for Uruguay on the left of the box.

42′ – Corner by Uruguay headed clear comfortably by Isla.

40′ – Vargas fouled by Focile ridiculously. Focile gets booked for that.

38′ – Corner to Uruguay. It looked like a header from Godin though that put the ball out of play.

37′ – Valdivia passes off to Vidal who goes for a strike but is punched off by Muslera. A good clean strike though.

36′ – A very good pass by Isla to Valdivia from the right who decided to get a first touch to it but lost the ball. Should have tried to volley.

33′ – Some excellent movement from Chile as Uruguay defends strong owing to their height advantage. A sublime ball by Valdivia to Sanchez who attempts a brave diving header but the ball goes wide.

31′ – Free kick for Chile as Isla is found on the right of the box near the touch line.

29′ – Cavani booked for his behaviour with the linesman out of frustration.

26′ – CHANCE! Vargas builds up a good movement as a lovely little touch by Valdivia lets through the ball for Aranguiz who shoots it straight to Muslera.

22′ – A little scuffle takes place as Gimenez covers to let Muslera collect the ball but Vargas sees an opportunity and runs for the ball. The intensity of the game just showed on the players that moment.

21′ – Carlos Sanchez with a curling strike but missed the targets by inches. Not a bad attempt.

19′ – Good ball by Valdivia to Vargas who was just offside.

18′ – Valdivia booked. First player to go in the books tonight.

15′ – Cavani fouled by Diaz. No yellow card shown though it could have been one.

14′ – Excellent one touch football by Chile that absolutely lifts up the stadium. Wonderful stuff! 

11′ – Beautiful skill by Valdivia to get past an incoming sliding tackle.

8′ – Excellent passing by Chile pacing up the game but the final ball to Vargas was kicked way over by him.

6′ – Free kick to Uruguay as Godin is fouled by Aranguiz.

4′ – Free kick to Chile as Aranguiz is fouled.

2′ – Cavani with an excellent chance to score as a good pass reached ahead of him. A very important tackle by Diaz saves Chile.

The match is kicked off by Chile.

CHILE Starting XI: Claudio Bravo, Eugenio Mena, Mauricio Isla, Gary Medel, Gonzalo Jara, Arturo Vidal, Jorge Valdivia, Charles Aranguiz, Marcelo Diaz, Alexis Sanchez, Eduardo Vargas.

URUGUAY Starting XI: Fernando Muslera, Gimenez, Diego Godin, Jorge Fucile, Maxi Pereira, Carlos Sanchez, Cristian Rodriguez, Egidio Arevalo Rios, Alvaro Gonzalez, Diego Rolan, Edinson Cavani.

As the Copa America Chile 2015 enters into the quarterfinal stage, the competition gets even more intense and interesting.

The First Quarterfinal is between the hosts CHILE and the defending champions URUGUAY. While Chile has come through as the best in their group, Uruguay has come through as the one amongst the two best 3rd placed teams. While Chile is coming into this game from their confident and huge 5-0 win against Bolivia, Uruguay is coming into the game after having a difficult game against Paraguay that ended in a draw.

The two players that Chile will heavily depend on for their performance would be Alexis Sanchez and Arturo Vidal. Also, Chile would want Valdivia to put up another brilliant game like he did against Bolivia.

The two players that Uruguay will want to shine for them would be Edinson Cavani and Cristian Rodriguez.

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