Copa America 2015 Quarterfinal Schedule

As the group stage of the Copa America Chile 2015 ends, 8 teams advance to the quarterfinals and 4 teams get knocked out of the competition.

From Group A, Chile and Bolivia qualify with 7 and 4 points respectively.

From Group B, Argentina qualifies with 7 points standing top of the group, Paraguay qualifies with 5 points and Uruguay qualifies with 4 points as one of two best 3rd placed teams.

From Group C, Brazil top the group with 6 points advancing to the next stage, Peru qualifies with 4 points and Colombia goes to next stage with 4 points as another of the two best 3rd placed teams.

Ecuador, Mexico, Jamaica and Venezuela get knocked out of the competition.

The quarterfinal games schedule is as follows at 8:30pm(CLT), 12:30am(BST) and 5:00am(IST); Only Brazil vs Paraguay to be held at 6:30pm(CLT), 10:30pm(BST) and 3:00am(IST).

Note: The dates in the bracket are according to BST and IST.

24th(25) June 2015 – Chile vs Uruguay

25th(26) June 2015 – Bolivia vs Peru

26th(27) June 2015 – Argentina vs Colombia

27th(28[IST]) June 2015 – Brazil vs Paraguay

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