LIVE COMMENTARY: Brazil vs Venezuela – Copa America 2015

  • BRA 2-1 VEN

Full time: Brazil go through to the quarterfinals and Venezuela go out of Copa America. A superb campaign for Venezuela as they pulled some wonderful performances. Brazil flourish without Neymar as well and pull out a good performance to advance ahead.

90+3′ – CLOSE! Lovely ball to Miku but he fell just shot to connecting with it. A real scare for Brazil.

4 minutes of stoppage time added.

88′ – Tunez booked for his blatant foul on Alves and Brazil gets a free kick.

  • BRA 2-1 VEN

84′ – GOAL! Arango takes an excellent on target free kick that’s dived and saved by Jefferson that hits the post and Miku dives and heads the ball off the rebound.

83′ – Silva booked for his fierce challenge on Miku.

81′ – Good corner kick by Willian as it lands after partial clearance for Luiz who heads it nice but is collected comfortably by Baroja.

77′ – Venezuela get a good opportunity off a half clearance by Brazil but Gonzalez blasts the ball over the bar.

Sub(BRA): Marquinhos comes on for Robinho.

72′ – Good free kick by Vizcarrondo as Jefferson had to stretch and palm push it away.

Sub(VEN): Guerra off. Miku on. 

71′ – CHANCE! Excellent chance for Venezuela as Gonzalez went for a good strike and important block by Luiz.

Double Sub(BRA): David Luiz on for Firmino & Diego Tardelli comes on in place of Philippe Coutinho.

65′ – Good run by Robinho and he goes for a strike at the end which goes wide. Willian was taking a good position as Robinho moved with the ball. If they would have exchanged ball then, Robinho could have looked to position himself better.

60′ – Brazil get a free kick at the half line as Martinez fouls Dani Alves.

58′ – Martinez strikes as he finds space in the Brazilian defence but well collected by Jefferson.

56′ – A good free kick by Arango that was just about dipping at the right time and Jefferson punched it out.

55′ – Venezuela get a free kick outside the penalty area at a promising position.

  • BRA 2-0 VEN

52′ – GOAL! Firmino gives a wonderful calm finish to a brilliant work and ball by Willian.

49′ – SAVE! Superb save by Baroja as Thiago Silva heads the corner ball so powerfully.

The second half begins.

Double Sub(VEN): Josef Martinez comes on as Seijas goes off & Cesar Gonzalez in, Vargas off.

  • BRA 1-0 VEN

Half time: Brazil leading for now with the Thiago Silva goal in the 8th minute. Venezuela has been on attack as well though Brazil looks attacking and strong too.

45+1′ – Seijas booked for his rough tackle on Elias.

45′ – Vargas booked for his foul on Firmino.

44′ – Wonderful passing by Venezuela and the final pass by Cichero just missed the right angle.

39′ – Promising break for Brazil as Willian takes the strike that is pushed and saved by Baroja.

35′ – Good strong run by Firmino on the left but tackled and sent for corner by Tunez.

32′ – A good ball to Coutinho but he was offside.

32′ – Brazil doing well with the ball and they pass and play to frustrate Venezuela.

24′ – Good Brazilian spell and Filipe Luis takes a good shot that goes for a corner.

The game is much going on in the mid field at the moment.

16′ – CLOSE! Good pass by Dani Alves to Robinho who strikes the ball first time and the strike goes just over the ball.

13′ – Venezuela go forward with good speed but the final pass is too long and easily handled by Brazil.

  • BRA 1-0 VEN

8′ – GOAL! Thiago Silva brilliantly finishes a superb corner ball by Robinho. Great stuff!

7′ – CHANCE! As Robinho gets a good ball that he passes to Coutinho who is well closed down by the Venezuelan defence.

5′ – Venezuela gets the free kick out of Dani Alves’ foul on Rincon and the kick is taken deep that is headed over the bar.

Brazil Starting XI: Jefferson, Dani Alves, Miranda, Filipe Luis, Thiago Silva, Fernandinho, Elias, Willian, Robinho, Philippe Coutinho, Roberto Firmino.

Venezuela Starting XI: Alain Baroja, Andres Tunez, Oswaldo Vizcarrondo, Gabriel Cichero, Roberto Rosales, Tomas Rincon, Ronald Vargas, Luis Seijas, Alejandro Guerra, Juan Arango, Salomon Rondon.

As the previous game between Peru and Colombia stood at draw, Peru has managed to advance to the next stage. Colombia will have to wait for the result of this game to know its fate.

A do or die situation for both teams, as both Brazil and Venezuela need to win this game to most definitely qualify for quarterfinals and Brazil will look to do it without their talisman and captain, Neymar Jr.

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