Anushka Sharma for Vogue India 2013

“Army girl, prankster, compulsive liar… the Bollywood actress dazzles with her boundless energy” – Vogue India

Indian actress and model Anushka Sharma photographed by Suresh Natarajan for the cover shoot of the women’s magazine Vogue India July 2013 Issue.

Compared to her previous magazine covers, Anushka Sharma’s natural beauty simply captivates you, beckons you to admire her beauty and the fashion pieces she wears. Vogue India’s July 2013 editorial spreads featuring Anushka exudes a lot of positive energy so vibrant that leaves you in awe.

Styled by Priyanka Kapadia and Subhash Vagal who did her makeup and clothes, Anushka Sharma looks gorgeous! Take a look at the stunning editorials below.

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