Helena Bonham Carter Joins ‘Enola Holmes’ cast!

Helena Bonham Carter has been cast in Legendary’s adaptation of the ‘Enola Holmes’ novels written by Nancy Springer. The book is in the young adult genre and has six volumes which all follow the story of famous detective Sherlock Holmes’ fourteen year old sister. Other developments in the casting show that Enola Holmes is to be portrayed by Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger Things). 

The novels include both locations and characters from the original Sherlock Holmes canon while having the primary focus be Enola who instructs the help of her older brother when she finds that their mother has gone missing. The stories begin with ‘The Case of the Missing Marquess’ where following her mother’s sudden vanishing and the urge from her older brothers to go to boarding school, Enola escapes her family home to solve the mystery herself. It is then revealed that Enola has similar (if not evolved) sleuth skills to her brother as she solves the case while staying on the run from her older brothers. 

Helena Bonham Carter has become an esteemed family name within movies worldwide with a portfolio of performances in Fight Club, Ocean’s Eight, The King’s Speech and many more. She will portray the Holmes mother which is a vital role within the novels – she is the case they are solving. Legendary intends for the film to become a franchise and it will begin filming in summer. They are waiting for Millie Bobby Brown to finish filming Godzilla vs. Kong, another exciting Legendary project. 


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