Joe Goldberg promises dark future for Netflix’s ‘You’ in season two trailer.

The teaser trailer for the thriller series that captured the world by storm when it was released Boxing Day of last year has now been released and it looks like stalker Joe Goldberg hasn’t had a change of heart in light of the events of the previous series.

The second instalment to the series will be released on the same date as last year on December 26 and it promises to be even darker than the first shocking series. The trailer shows Joe standing in a coffee shop, people-watching as he so loves to do as he reveals to the audience that he now lives in Los Angeles.

“Love has taken me to some pretty dark places, but Los Angeles has got to be as dark as it gets”.

He then goes on to comment about how fake modern American society is and says how everyone is pretending to be something and someone they’re not on social media. However, when the waitress takes his order, he ironically introduces himself as ‘Will’.

What is he up to now? We will be posting reactions to the series when it is released later this month so keep posted with our social media channels and follow our website.

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