MOVIE REVIEW: To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before hit Netflix’s screens and became a sensation when viewers followed the awkward journey of teens falling in love while trying to balance the difficulties that come with high school. With the success, it was natural that Netflix followed through with a sequel where they bring back the beloved cast that viewers fell in love with before including Lana Condor and Noah Centineo.

Releasing in perfect time for Valentine’s Day, the sequel picks up where the original left off – Lara Jean has just started officially dating Peter Kavinsky but the reminder that John Ambrose is waiting in the wings is still ever-present. But who will she pick in the end?

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The love triangle is a recycled plot line that has been used since the dawn of time and it’s somewhat unfortunate that they decided to go down that route for what had previously been a more unique take on the classic teen romance. However, producing a sequel is nothing more than catering to the fans which is something that Netflix is notorious for doing – in principle, this isn’t a bad thing. But the original intention for the film can become lost in fan-service.

This is what this film can fall into at times – Lara Jean is still the nervous teenager that she was before and she’s tackling issues such as losing her virginity for the first time. But she’s reminded that this isn’t a problem that Peter has as he has already had a relationship with Gen where he had crossed over a lot of his firsts. This is the prime stumbling block in their relationship as Lara Jean finds it hard to combat her jealousy and stop comparing their blossoming relationship with his previous. This is something that many people can do anyway in real life but it only gives her weight to decide that she can progress on her feelings with John Ambrose.

All of her charm from the previous film is beginning to fall short as she becomes just another jealous teenage girl who can’t decide between Edward or Jacob.

I mean Peter or John.

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But it’s still easy to watch, sweet to see Condor playing a role that is relatable and refreshing among the normal romantic leads of rom-coms and has some memorable scenes. I still believe that the original is better and with the news that there will be another film coming out in the series, I hope that it doesn’t become just another forgettable teenage romance.

Overall, I’d give it ⭑⭑⭑ for reliability and Lana Condor’s performance. Let us know which film you would like us to review next!

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