In photos and videos: The ruins of Kolkata, after-effects of Cyclone Amphan

The Indian city of Kolkata survived the war with nature on May 20 when super-Cyclone Amphan left the city in tatters. Uprooted trees, torn buildings and scattered life are the visuals coming out.

Cyclone Amphan made its landfall in Kolkata on Wednesday around 9.30am BST and wrecked the city for hours, leaving it without power for over 48 hours. Hitting the coastal areas of the state, the cyclonic storm entered the city with a wind speed of 69 kmph in the afternoon and later in the evening, it rose to 130 kmph. According to India’s Meteorological Department (IMD), Amphan recorded maximum wind speed of 133 kmph.

As the people of the city pick the pieces left by the cyclone, the devastating visuals from across Kolkata and its adjoining areas give the sense of its physical and emotional damage.

Flooded Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata.
Video sent by: Surbhi Pandey
Visuals from Digha, a coastal resort town in the east Indian state of West Bengal.
Video sent by: Surbhi Pandey
Streets of Kolkata after the super cyclone passed.
Video sent by: Surbhi Pandey

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