The Flash Review

The Flash is undoubtedly a highly anticipated film in the realm of superhero storytelling, as it promises to close an era of DC storytelling on the big screen. Christina Hodson’s script is solid and impresses with its compelling narrative.

The film’s strength lies in the exploration of consequences in altering the timeline. Barry’s actions and its repercussions creates an engaging storyline that keeps the audience engaged. General Zod’s introduction as a challenging antagonist adds intensity and raises drama for the heroes to enhance the plot.

We can see that director Andy Muschietti puts his passion into this project which results in a captivating film that resonates within the DC university. His direction masterfully creates emotional moments that leave a lasting impact.

The movie has extraordinary action sequences which highlight the Flash’s abilities as a superhero and Muschietti’s vision brings a sense of complexity to create a well-rounded viewing experience.

The Flash is a remarkable achievement for Warner Bros. and the DC Universe in its storytelling. Christina Hodson’s script has a captivating and versatile storyline, while Andy Muschietti’s direction has emotional depth and exhilarating action sequences.

The Flash is out in UK cinemas in now.  

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