HALF TIME GAME STATISTIC: Ecuador vs Bolivia – Copa America 2015

As the half time strikes the match clock, what seemed a far-fetched idea at the beginning of the match, is the reality of the game. Bolivia is up 3-0 against Ecuador owing to its skilful hard work and a defensively terrible Ecuador.

After drawing the previous game with Mexico, Bolivia looked to establish themselves as a strong team in this year’s Copa America while Ecuador, after losing 2-0 to Chile in the previous game, wanted to come out with a win and raise their spirits and their position on the board. With the number of known names in Ecuador compared to Bolivia, the scoresheet of the game should have been the other way round but Bolivia have showed their strength and determination through their excellent and zealous performance in the first half.

Some late first half action included a penalty each awarded to both sides within just a matter of few minutes. On one hand, Enner Valencia(ECU) took a poor loose penalty that was saved by Quinonez(BOL) missing the huge opportunity to put Ecuador on board, Marcelo Moreno(BOL) took a beautiful penalty leaving no chance for Dominguez(ECU) and almost sealing the game for Ecuador.

The other two goals were scored by Ronald Raldes(BOL) and Martin Smedberg-Dalence(BOL).

The first half, as the scoreboard depicts, completely belonged to Bolivia and though Ecuador showed some good attacking instincts, none of the players could turn the attacks into goals.

As per the first half performance, Bolivia is easily coming out of the game with the win unless Ecuador pull out a miracle.

  • Ecuador 0-3 Bolivia

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