LIVE COMMENTARY: Brazil vs Colombia – Copa America 2015

In the heated turn of events after the full time whistle, Neymar and Bacca were shown red card by the referee. 

Now that’s a blow to Brazil for their upcoming game.

  • BRA 0-1 COL 

Full time: Colombia beat Brazil for the 3rd time in their history and come out as deserving winners. Brazil was slow and was completely unable to penetrate the strong and stable Colombian defence. Colombia was fantastic tonight.

90+4′ – Final minute corner earned by Brazil which goes vile.

89′ – CHANCE! James goes for a strike towards the far post and it goes just wide.

86′ – A good ball by Dani Alves towards Neymar who couldn’t bring the ball down.

Sub(COL): Alexander Mejia comes in place of Edwin Valencia.

79′ – A good pass by Douglas Costa towards the near post for Firmino who is only able to get a touch on it setting the ball wide.

Sub(COL): Guetierrez out. Carlos Bacca in.

Sub(BRA): Tardelli comes on for Elias.

Colombia putting extreme pressure over Brazil as they look dangerous every time they move forward.

72′ – A beautiful pass to Cuadrado who heads it towards Guetierrez.

Sub(COL): Ibarbo comes in place of Falcao.

Sub(BRA): Willian out. Douglas Costa in.

66′ – Colombian defence is coming across as extremely vigilant. Brazilian attack is failing to move past it.

63′ – Brazil seeing more of the ball at the moment as they attempt hard to equalise.

58′ – CHANCE! Firmino misses an open goal. A back pass to Ospina by Murillo which he couldn’t collect under good pressure by Elias lead to the situation.

55′ – Neymar fouled and takes the free kick which is collected by Ospina. 

53′ – James Rodriguez fouled by Miranda.

51′ – Excellent run by Cuadrado who goes for a strike but the ball goes just wide.

48′ – Reckless finish by Neymar as he goes for a strike after a good run by him but it goes wide.

47′ – Good play by Neymar to move forward but is well blocked by Colombian defence.

Colombia kicks off the second half.

Half time Sub(BRA): Philipe Coutinho comes on for Fred.

  • BRA 0-1 COL

Half time: An absolutely energetic first half that was completely dominated by Colombia. Brazil looked frantic at the defence and non-clinical in the midfield while the Colombian defence looked strong and organised.

45+1′ – Carlos Sanchez fouled by Neymar as Neymar punches the ball in frustration. Lucky to have escaped another yellow card.

45+1′ – Neymar booked for handball. Slightly harsh I believe.

45′ – CHANCE! A beautiful pass by Dani Alves towards Neymar who heads it but Ospina saves it on the line.

43′ – CLOSE! Brazil cheaply gives the ball away to Colombia. James passes it Guetierrez in front of the goal who lays it for Cuadrado who strikes it wide.

41′ – Some excellent tackling and defending by Colombia as they force Firmino to foul on Cuadrado for which he receives a yellow card.

40′ – Falcao goes for a strike but it goes way over the bar.

39′ – Dangerous ball by Colombia right in front of the goal towards Falcao and Falcao falls just short of making contact with it.

Constant Colombian pressure finally paid off as Colombia find the goal they wanted.

  • BRA 0-1 COL

36′ – GOAL! A clear foul by Fred on Falcao at the right of the penalty box. Cuadrado takes it towards the centre and Murillo nets it fabulously as Brazil fail to clear the ball.

34′ – Fernandinho is booked for his foul on Guetierrez.

32′ – A foul by Neymar towards the right gives Colombia a free kick that is taken by James with a curling shot towards the goal which is punched away by Jefferson.

31′ – Excellenf movement by Colombia as they manage to keep the ball and Carlos Sanchez goes for a strike which goes wide due to a deflection by Miranda.

28′ – Excellent covering by Fernandinho to shove off a dangerous Colombian attack.

27′ – Brazilian defence close down James very well as a wonderful Cuadrado pass puts him in a great position to score.

25′ – Good skill by Neymar but eventually a loss of communication got the ball in the feet of Colombia.

24′ – Good movement by Colombia but Cuadrado’s long range strike goes just wide.

Colombia is putting good pressure on the Brazilian defence as they look frantic at times.

19′ – Guetierrez is booked for his foul on Dani Alves. Zuniga was earlier booked as a case of mistaken identity but the referee corrected his error eventually.

Colombia currently seems more clinical, energetic and attacking. Brazil is off to a slow start.

17′ – Poor clearing header by Thiago Silva which eventually falls for James but is ultimately taken care of by Miranda.

15′ – Neymar pestered consistently by Zapata which is eventually given a foul. Neymar then took the free kick and moved ahead with the ball and passes it to Willian who loses the ball. A typical Colombian direct football follows as they counter but Falcao strikes the ball wide.

13′ – Brazil on the ball as they look to build a rhythm against the solid and organised Colombian defence.

11′ – Neymar dispossessed by Carlos Sanchez who passes the ball to James who is then fouled.

9′ – Good movement by the Brazilians. Filipe Luis goes for a strike at the end but is comfortably collected by Ospina.

7′ – Fred fouls on Cuadrado towards the right of the penalty area. Cuadrado takes the free kick but is blocked back towards him. He passes to James who looks for Falcao but hastily defended by Brazil by sending the ball out of play.

4′ – Good tackle by James after which he looks to pass the ball to Guetierrez but the ball goes well past him.

3′ – First corner of the game to Colombia which is taken by James who kicks it towards Falcao but is taken care of by Thiago Silva.

2′ – Filipe Luis fouls Cuadrado as he moves forward after Colombia steals the ball amidst Brazil attack.

Brazil kicks off the game.

Brazil Starting XI: Jefferson, Dani Alves, Miranda, Filipe Luis, Thiago Silva, Fernandinho, Elias, Neymar, Fred, Willian, Roberto Firmino.

Colombia Starting XI: David Ospina, Cristian Zapata, Pablo Armero, Juan Zuniga, Jeison Murillo, Edwin Valencia, Carlos Sanchez, James Rodriguez, Juan Cuadrado, Falcao, Teofilo Guetierrez.

This Group C battle between Brazil and Colombia is one of the big games of Copa America 2015. The last time the two teams met was in the quarterfinal of World Cup 2014 where Brazil won 2-1.

After a disappointing defeat against Venezuela, Colombia look to win this game and keep themselves alive in the competition.

Brazil, after a last minute win against Peru, look to come out as a winner from this game and seal their place in the next stage of the competition.

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