LIVE COMMENTARY: Mexico vs Ecuador – Copa America 2015

  • MEX 1-2 ECU

Full time: Ecuador made a huge impact tonight with their zealous performance and Mexico just failed to impress. Mexico never looked dangerous in the game. Mexico become the first team to be eliminated from the Copa America 2015.

90+1′ – Herrera is booked.

Sub(ECU): Fidel Martinez for Montero.

90′ – Lastra is booked.

90′ – A good corner kick but Vuoso hit it just wide.

85′ – A good move by Mexico but Fabian strikes over the bar at the end.

80′ – A foul on Herrera not given by referee. It seemed like a clear case of high boot that even triggered bleeding beside Herrera’s eye.

Sub(ECU): Ibarra out. Juan Cazares in.

75′ – Ecuador is combining superbly at the front with Valencia and Bolanos together.

Ayala is that one Mexican who’s doing very well tonight. Strong and alert.

70′ – Miguel Herrera(Mexican coach) is sent off as he speaks loudly against referee’s decision.

68′ – Wonderful reaction defence by Valenzuela as Ecuador come up with a dangerous strike.

66′ – Excellent defending by Ayala as Valencia moves dangerously forward with the ball.

  • MEX 1-2 ECU

63′ – GOAL! A wonderfully cool penalty by Raul Jimenez and Mexico have their hopes revived.

62′ – Mexico gets a penalty as Ayala is pushed by Achilier blatantly in the penalty area.

  • MEX 0-2 ECU

56′ – GOAL! Valencia makes a calm and cool finish to a fabulous pass by Bolanos. Horrible defence by Mexico.

Sub(MEX): Guemez goes out as Marco Fabian makes his way to the pitch.

51′ – Ibarra booked.

48′ – A wonderful pass to Valencia but he heads it over the bar.

46′ – Mexico looking to attack early on and make a comeback into the game.

The second half kicks off.

Sub(MEX): Javier Aquino comes in place of Velarde.

  • MEX 0-1 ECU

Half time: Certainly Ecuador’s half as Mexico lacked creativity and pass completion while Ecuador were more clinical and speedy. Mexico need to step up or they’re going out of the competition.

Mexico is unable to connect it’s passes in the front and make them count.

41′ – Mexico get a corner being taken by Medina.

36′ – Ecuador doing two fouls in quick succession as they attempt to stop Mexico’s attack.

30′ – A loosely taken corner by Mexico. It’s headed by Ecuadorian defender towards Alexander Dominguez and he collects it comfortably.

27′ – Bolanos is booked as he attempted to take the ball when Corona was getting ready to take the goal kick.

  • MEX 0-1 ECU

26′ – GOAL! An excellent counter attack by Ecuador as Bolanos runs hard with the ball and passes to Valencia who gives a beautiful pass back to Bolanos who gives a superb finish to the ball.

23′ – CLOSE! Good work by Vuoso to get the ball back lost by Jesus Corona just outside the penalty area of Ecuador but his strike goes just wide.

21′ – Jimenez is called offside as a good ball reaches him in front of the goal that forces Alexander to come forward and punch the ball away.

20′ – Very good turn by Jesus Corona to keep the ball with himself as Ecuador put good pressure on him.

Ecuador is overpowering Mexico. They are completing more passes and are much stronger when forward.

8′ – Medina takes a free kick from the right but a very loose delivery that is easily cleared by Ecuador.

Ecuador is currently getting closer to scoring than Mexico. Mexico needs to keep its defence compact.

5′ – Good long range strike by Ecuador on target but a good save by Corona.

3′ – A good free kick taken by Mexico and a good strong clearing header by Ecuador.

1′ – CLOSE! Bolanos strikes after a string of passes and a good reaction save by Corona. 

The game kicks off.

Mexico Starting XI: Jose de Jesus Corona, Julio Cesar Dominguez, Hugo Ayala, Efrain Velarde, Juan Carlos Medina, Jesus Manuel Corona, Juan Carlos Valenzuela, Gerardo Flores, Javier Guemez, Raul Jimenez, Matias Vuoso.

Ecuador Starting XI: Alexander Dominguez, Arturo Mina, Juan Carlos Paredes, Walter Ayovi, Gabriel Achilier, Renato Ibarra, Christian Noboa, Jefferson Montero, Miller Bolanos, Osbaldo Lastra, Enner Valencia.

After giving a scintillating performance against Chile that ended in a draw, Mexico stand in the 3rd place of the Group A table with 2 points. With this game in hand against the team at the bottom of the group, Mexico will look to get those 3 points and make it to the quarterfinals.

Being at the bottom of the table with no points, Ecuador will only want to win this game and create a very slim chance for them to stay in the tournament.

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