LIVE COMMENTARY: Chile vs Bolivia – Copa America 2015

  • CHI 5-0 BOL

Full time: An exquisite Chilean performance summed up the night. Bolivia just couldn’t penetrate. And Chile registered the biggest win of this tournament so far. A night for Chile to cherish and one that Bolivia would want to forget.

Both teams though have already advanced into the quarterfinals.

  • CHI 5-0 BOL

86′ – Excellent movement by Chile and the nightmare for Bolivia continues. Raldes with an own goal. Tough night for Bolivia.

82′ – Vargas goes forward with the ball but is closed down well by Bolivian defence and Quinonez collects the ball.

Tonight, it’s Chile at its best and Bolivia is having a nightmarish night.

  • CHI 4-0 BOL

79′ – GOAL! Superb chip by Medel to net the ball. Excellent assist by Valdivia. Sublime!

71′ – Chumacero booked for his blatant foul on Valdivia.

Sub(CHI): Pizarro on. Jara off.

Chile has established its dominance so strongly through its performance tonight. If this is how the Chileans perform in each game, other teams will have a tough time fighting them.

  • CHI 3-0 BOL

66′ – GOAL! Some excellent passing between the Chileans at front. And as Bolivia fails to clear the ball, Aranguiz nets it superbly.

62′ – A late challenge by Coimbra on Vargas for which he’s booked.

57′ – Chile seeing much more of the ball as Bolivia still struggle to keep hold of the ball.

48′ – Good movement by Moreno who shoots with his weaker left foot and Bravo makes a save.

Sub(CHI): Alexis Sanchez off. Matias Fernandez in.

Sub(CHI): Angelo Henriquez in place of Arturo Vidal.

The second half kicks off.

  • CHI 2-0 BOL

Half time: An energetic first half that was completely dominated by Chile. Arguably, Chile’s best performance of this Copa America. Bolivia found it really hard to make an impact amongst the quick and precise Chilean game.

40′ – MISS! Isla passes well towards Vargas who strikes the ball just wide. The goalkeeper was almost beaten. Should have scored.

40′ – Morales booked for his foul on Valdivia.

  • CHI 2-0 BOL

37′ – GOAL! Superb run with the ball by Sanchez who passes it to Valdivia on the right. Valdivia cuts it back towards him and Sanchez nets the ball in with that excellent diving header. Brilliant!

33′ – Inch perfect passing by Chile but Valdivia loses his footing at the end.

32′ – Good counter attack by Bolivia that gets them a free kick.

30′ – VERY CLOSE! Sanchez takes the free kick and it hits the post. Superb execution by Sanchez but the goal is denied by the post. Narrow escape for Bolivia.

29′ – Vidal caught by Veizaga just outside the box and it’s a free kick to Chile.

26′ – Typical Chile movement there as they do some quick passing that reaped them a corner.

Valdivia is doing some wonderful work in the midfield. Some brave play and accurate handling of the ball.

22′ – Excellent skill by Valdivia as he handled the ball against 3 Bolivian players keeping his footing strong under pressure.
20′ – A good save by Quinonez as he came off his line to collect the ball as Chile came dangerously ahead.

18′ – A wonderful effort by Sanchez from that free kick. It went just just off target.

18′ – A foul by Veizaga on Sanchez a few metres outside the penalty area slightly towards the left of the goal post.

15′ – Bolivia struggle hard to keep the ball as Chile puts deep pressure on them.

13′ – A good move by Bolivia that reaps them a corner at the end.

6′ – Sanchez with a curling strike that was never really dipping.

  • CHI 1-0 BOL

4′ – GOAL! A wonderful cross to Vargas that he pass backwards to Aranguiz and Aranguiz nets the ball with a beautiful grounded finish. Dream start for Chile.

The game kicks off.

Chile Starting XI: Claudio Bravo, Mauricio Isla, Jean Beausejour, Gary Medel, Gonzalo Jara, Arturo Vidal, Jorge Valdivia, Charles Aranguiz, Marcelo Diaz, Alexis Sanchez, Eduardo Vargas.

Bolivia Starting XI: Romel Quinonez, Leonel Morales, Edemir Rodriguez, Ronald Raldes, Cristian Coimbra, Alejandro Chumacero, Martin Smedberg-Dalence, Ricardo Pedriel, Walter Veizaga, Marcelo Moreno, Pablo Escobar.

As Mexico lost to Ecuador just a few minutes before, Chile and Bolivia both have already qualified for the quarterfinals.

As the home team, Chile will look to make their place strong in the competition while Bolivia will want to beat the home team and show their strength as a team.

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