Shiamak’s NGO Victory Website Goes Live!

Artistic Director and Founder of the biggest dance academy, Shiamak Davar has made dance available to all. Through his not for profit organization, Victory Arts Foundation, he has taken his motto of Have Feet. Will Dance.’™ one step further to Have Spirit. Will Triumph.’

The website for Shiamak’s NGO Victory went live this week. The site shows its various programs and its outreach in the last decade since its inception. “Victory is our small way of giving back to the community what God has given us. Dance can truly heal. People on crutches and wheelchair dance with us today, it has become a phenomenon. We make their spirit fly, we give them a feeling of being happy and being able to feel the music, hear the music, dance to the music.” says Shiamak Davar.

Shiamak founded Victory in 2004 to make dance accessible to the lesser privileged and those with special needs. Victory makes dance available across age, gender, caste, class and ability, without prejudice. It provides a platform to address social causes and concerns, and makes dance a viable and respected career option.

Through its various programs, Victory has made dance acceptable and made people understand the power of dance to educate, entertain, empower, enlighten and enable. The NGO uses dance as therapy and Shiamak’s instructors go to various NGOs across the country making the lesser privileged and those with special needs dance. His Dance for Good Program helps spread the joy of dance where his Dance Teams visit hospitals, orphanages, hospices etc. and dance for a good cause, to bring a smile to their face. The Victory Dance Team and Victory on Wheels classes consist of talented individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds who are then provided dance training, platforms to perform and opportunities to make a career in dance to support their ongoing livelihood.

Victory has touched the lives of thousands of individuals in over 200 NGOs/Institutes across 12 cities in India.


Victory Showreel


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