The Cats’ Movie Trailer – Creepy or Perfect?

The screen adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical ‘Cats’ has been released and it’s had some interesting opinions to say the very least. The big-time cast has already peaked people’s interest with names such as Idris Elba, Ian McKellen, Taylor Swift and Jennifer Hudson to name a few. However, many people have taken to Twitter to discuss the new film directed by Tom Hooper. In the latest trailer, they have shown fans a glimpse of Hudson belting out the ballad ‘Memory’ in her role as Grizabella. 

The New York Times have been harsh in their critique so far, writing ‘What were they thinking?’ while Wenlei Ma, a film critic, wrote: “I have no words. It’s just a jumble of emotions ranging from horror to befuddlement.” 

Earlier this week, the production team released a clip to show their ‘digital fur’ technology that they had created to help turn the actors into the unique animals that can dance and bend like cat-ballerinas. But this technology hasn’t impressed everyone – many stating that the cats are creepy and unncessarily strange looking. 

Louis Virtil summed it up by saying, “I don’t know why you’re all freaking out over miniature yet huge cats with human celebrity faces and sexy breasts performing a demented dream ballet for kids.” 

It’s not all doom and gloom, however. There are others who can’t wait for it, despite how fantastical it may appear to be. Scott Mendleson from Forbes praises it, “The first trailer for #CatsMovie is appropriately terrifying and insane, like a drug-induced nightmare made real. I can’t wait!”


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