Kit Harington Joins MCU in The Eternals!

Kit Harington has been confirmed to join the MCU in his debut role of Marvel’s The Eternals. The announcement was made by Kevin Feige at D23 Expo where it was confirmed that he will be portraying Dane Whitman, a non-Eternal.
The role of Whitman isn’t a starring role – he’s not due to be the next Tony Stark – but it is an in and a little dose of Kit to keep fans going in the absence of Game of Thrones. It has been hinted that he had something big on the horizon following the end of the HBO show but in typical Marvel fashion, everyone managed to keep the secret until it was announced.
Working alongside the Game of Thrones star will be Gemma Chan (Humans) who will be portraying Sersi and Barry Keoghan (Chernobyl) as Druig. With the end of the Iron Man and Captain America movies, perhaps this will act as a new period for the MCU where we will see some beloved faces along the way – old and new.

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