Iranian director Alireza Khatami wraps shooting of bold political drama ‘Things That You Kill’, stars A-list Turkish actors

Renowned Iranian director Alireza Khatami has recently completed shooting his latest film, ‘Things That You Kill’, a political drama that boldly presents themes of patriarchy in Turkey, according to Variety’s excusive report.   

Khatami is best known for his striking co-direction of ‘Terrestrial Verses’ with Ali Asgari, which received a significant attention at this year’s Cannes Film festival as the sole representative from Iran.

‘Terrestrial Verses’ faced both success and criticism for denouncing the authority within the country. Khatami’s debut feature film ‘Oblivion Verses’ got him his first international recognition winning the Venice Film Festival’s Orizzonti award for best screenplay in 2017. He is known for pushing cinematic boundaries through his films and for consistently exploring complex socio-political subjects with a thought-provoking narrative style.

‘Things That You Kill’ boasts an impressive cast of Turkish A-list actors, including Ekin Koç, Erkan Kolçakköstendil, Hazar Ergüçlü, and Ercan Kesal, who collectively promise to bring depth and authenticity to their roles. As reported by Variety, Khatami describes “Things That You Kill” as “a study of masculinity and the patriarchal system and how these forces shape our identities and our relationships with others.” Khatami also calls his new film “a political self-examination inspired by my personal tragedies” in his director’s notes. The director is confident that his new film will resonate with the complex sociopolitical landscape of modern Turkey as it explores both personal and societal struggles.

‘Things That You Kill’ is a co-production effort involving notable names from various corners of the globe including French producers Elisa Sepulveda-Ruddoff’s Fulgurance and Cyriac Auriol’s Remora Films, along with Poland’s Mariusz Włodarski (Lava Films), Turkey’s Zeynep Koray and Can Aygör (Caf Film Yapım), as well as Khatami’s own Tell Tall Tale shingle and Michael Salomon’s Band With Pictures, both based in Canada. With a powerful cast, an experienced crew, and Khatami’s signature directorial style, the film is poised to make waves, offering a poignant and critical exploration of timely themes.

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