Copa America 2015 Semi-Final Schedule

With the last match of the quarterfinals going Paraguay’s way with their win over Brazil 5-3 on penalties as it stayed 1-1 in full time, the semi-finals battle has come out clear.

It was already decided through the first two quarterfinals that the host, Chile are going to face Peru and after today’s game, Argentina is set to face Paraguay for the second time in this year’s Copa America.

The previous time Argentina faced Paraguay in the group stage of Copa America 2015, the match ended on a 2-2 draw as Paraguay came up with late goals. The second semi-final between Argentina and Paraguay will be Argentina’s chance to defeat Paraguay and Paraguay’s chance to pull out a stunner again.

Following is the schedule for the semi-finals of the Copa America Chile 2015:

Note: The date and timing in the bracket is according to IST and BST respectively.

CHILE vs PERU – 29th(30th) June 2015; 18:30pm(5:00am, 12:30am)

ARGENTINA vs PARAGUAY – 30th June(1st July) 2015; 18:30pm(5:00am, 12:30am)

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