US surpass New Delhi in air quality index due to Canadian wildfires; thousands of people displaced in Canada

The air quality of New York city has deteriorated as the city sky is covered with a thick and hazardous smoke due to Canadian wildfires.

The poor quality of New York city has surpassed the pollution level in comparison to India’s New Delhi, which ranked eighth on the list of global air quality report.

As Canadian wildfires engulfs US east cost and mid-west, officials warned that it would reach “unhealthy” level, suggesting people in New York to “limit outdoor activity”.

The Sky News cited experts who warned of less expected symptoms of poor air quality – including disrupted sleep, acne and even mood swings.

Experts warning came after the US National Weather Service issued air quality alerts for almost the entire Atlantic seaboard, reported The Sky News.

Although wildfires are common in Canada, but this early start to country’s wildfire season has already displaced more than 11,000 people and a record 457,000 hectares have burned, according to media reports.

As the unusual blazes continues to be burning simultaneously in the east and west, Bill Blair, the emergency preparedness minister of Canada said that the “hottest and driest months are still to come”.

The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has blamed climate change for the unprecedented early season wildfires.

Trudeau also thanked US president Joe Biden for and discussed the need to “work together to address the devastating impacts of climate change,” according to a statement from the prime minister’s office as reported by Reuters.
Over the past few weeks, hundreds of US firefighters have been sent to Canada to control the wildfires, while US said more help is on its way.

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